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  2. "I’ve looked around many times, finding what life is meant for. All I got was lost, confused, and overwhelmed.
    Life is all about living, caring, health, love, goals, and dream."

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    today in my religion class we were talking about gay marriage and my teacher said “gay people arent allowed to get married because in the eyes of the church marriage is meant for people to have children” and then i asked why women who were unfertile and therefore couldnt have children could get married and she was like “uhhh” and i dont knOW WHAT CAME OVER ME BUT I LITERALLY YELLED “SWERVE” AT HER AND I GOT IN TROUBLE

    drowning in my tEARS

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    Are you ever just overwhelmed by the horrifying thought that maybe, nobody ACTUALLY wants you around? And it’s not that you think everyone hates you, but it’s just that you’re not special to anyone? And that its really kind of sucky that you’re about 98% sure that nobody thinks “Wow, I just really like talking to her.” and that you could probably just disappear without anyone caring that much?

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  7. "Everyone says “I will find Mr.Perfect.” While my Mr.Perfect doesn’t even know I exist. So “I will find my Mr.Wonderful"

  8. "Was everything fake and did you actually care?"

  9. I want you to feel like you lost someone great, but I feel like I also lost someone great, no greater than great. Someone that made me smile with out doing anything someone that just the thought of them made me smile like a goof and look forward to everyday.

  10. "Nothing is lost even when you’re trying to find it, it’s just time to move on"


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